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Boral Quick Set Concrete Mix 20kg

Blue Circle® Quick Set Concrete Mix is a proportioned blend of dry aggregate, graded sands, cement and set accelerating additives to give a concrete mix suitable for all general concreting applications where fast setting characteristics are required.

The product must be mixed like normal concrete to allow complete mixing of the ingredients and yield a fast setting, good strength mix.

Application Use:

Quick Set Concrete attains initial setting in no more than 15 minutes under normal conditions and should be placed immediately upon mixing. Leave at least two hours after setting before applying any load.
Typical applications:
  • Water use is critical. Warmer water will accelerate the setting time, whilst colder water can be used to slow down the setting (suitable for hotter months)
  • Ideal product for setting logs, clothes hoists, letterboxes, park benches, fencing posts
  • Also repairs to concrete pathways etc where downtime is minimal
CAUTION: Not recommended for use with aluminium substrates as corrosion can occur. Please consult aluminium manufacturer prior to such use.