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Boral High Strength Concrete Mix 20kg

HS Concrete is a high strength 50MPa* mix containing quality aggregate, sands and cement. Boral Cements Blue Circle® HS Concrete is suitable for concreting applications where higher strength is required.

Application / Use:

Typical applications – all general concreting applications like:
Post hole filling etc.

Blue Circle® HS Concrete 50MPa* mix provides higher compressive strength and superior durability compared to standard concrete mixes.

Blue Circle® HS Concrete 50MPa* mix will typically achieve compressive strengths (refer graph in PDS) in excess of 50MPa* after four weeks, when tested in accordance with the Australian Standards (AS1012 parts 8.1 & 9).

HS Concrete will achieve significantly higher compressive strengths when compared to Blue Circle Concrete Mix.

WARNING – Aluminium Substrates. Please note that cement based products such as HS Concrete are highly alkaline. Please consult the manufacturer of aluminium and galvanised products for appropriate priming and sealing measures prior to using with HS Concrete.

High Strength Product Data Sheet