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Boral Premium Clay 20kg

Blue Circle® Premium Clay is a super fine kaolin clay. It is also known as Ball Clay and possesses high plasticity, dry strength and refractory properties. Typically used as a plasticiser for building renders and mortars. Also used as a general purpose filler.

Application Use:

  • This clay is a naturally occurring raw material so the colour can vary from time to time. All clay materials should be checked prior to use in colour sensitive applications.
  • NO CLAIMS will be considered for colour variation once used. No colour specification is available.
  • With any clay material, it is strongly advised to conduct trials on all mix designs that the materials shall be used in, to help ascertain that final product performance characteristics comply with relevant Australian Standards. In particular, mortars should be tested for compliance to AS 3700 – 1998 Masonry Structures Code, which provides detailed information on mortar mix design in respect to different classifications and applications, as well as performance and testing requirements. Mortars and renders containing excessive clay and fine silt contents may contribute to poor product performance in respect to bond, flexural and compressive strengths, excessive shrinkage and lower durability. Naturally occurring brickies sands may also produce similar detrimental results.
  • In all cases clay should not be used as a substitute for lime.
  • As a rule of thumb when using clay – use as little as possible to obtain the desired workability and finish.
  • Boral does not specify any mix designs when using clay, as any mix is dependent on the type of sand used and the many variations thereof.