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Recycled Aggregate

Recycled Aggregate is available in either 10mm or 20mm sizing and is manufactured from crushed concrete, brick, tiles and gravel.

Recycled Aggregate is primarily used for drainage around agricultural pipes. Its appearance can vary greatly from load to load due to the unpredictable mix of materials used in its creation. If colour is important, please inspect prior to delivery.

Recycled Concrete Aggregate is generally not recommended for use in exposed and trafficable footpaths or driveways due to the sometimes inclusion of small steel remanants present from the reclaimed concrete components – manufacturers attempt to remove as much of this as possible however often some is missed. As the concrete commonly comes from demolished building sites, it may also contain some trace elements of glass and other building materials.

Recycled concrete aggregate is not suitable for making concrete, and is not as clean as blue metal is for drainage, but is a cost effective alternative to the blue metal used by many plumbers for backfill and drainage projects.

Available for bulk, loose-tip truck delivery, in 1000kg bulker bags and 20kg retail bags. Enquire below.